Thursday, April 28, 2016

MCV41 Stars

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You know that we think that each and every one of you is a Star, and that our voting  process exists simply to allow you to choose your favourites each week.

When we started MCV, I arbitrarily chose to name 5 stars each week. 

We are still a fairly new Christmas challenge (and like all Christmas challenges, we have 'seasonal' peaks and valleys in our participation). I hate to leave only one or two entries out of our Stars post, but equally, maybe it doesn't make sense that everyone is a Star every week. So I hope you'll understand that until we consistently get more players, we will have 3 Stars each week.

Here are the Stars you voted for this week!

Muse: Christmasvisions 41

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  1. Ardyth...your post made me laugh. I join this challenge every week because 1) I love to make Christmas cards, 2) the folks joining this challenge are exceedingly kind (I have been given great guidance and push to improve over the last year of "challenging") 3) the card entries are ALL AMAZING! Every week I would be hard pressed not to find something in every entry that is not motivating or educational. So yes, we are all stars each and every week. The entrants, the DT, and the commenters...together our individual contributions move cardmaking and individual art a step forward with every challenge. I truly appreciate the "star" but hopefully others feel as well, making and sharing are the key. This is just one point of view. Thank you so much for all you, and the team, do to make Christmasvisions "be"! Elizabeth

  2. AND thank you so much for the star! I would be honored to share with every other entrant.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Elizabeth! I think that most of us create for the same reasons you do (although it's always nice to get your peers' validation - I feel exactly the same!). I admit that I wish we had some more participants, but am absolutely thrilled by our 'regular gang' of Christmas-card makers! I love this hobby and the little world of wonderful people it's exposed me to!

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  5. Thank you for the star! I agree with Elizabeth's comments as well as your response. I participate because the Muse inspires me (and to add some cards tot he Christmas stash) and enjoy those times I get picked, but agree with the selections when I am not. :)